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Read more about what's happening on the Arcus front in our blog posts about the newest features, releases, and clever usages of the framework. Written with ❤️ by people who work at Codit.

15 February 2024

First Arcus Observability Release of 2024 Starts with a Bang

The inaugural Arcus release of 2024 marks a significant milestone for the Arcus Observability library. In this post, we'll delve into the notable highlights.

17 August 2023

New Azure Logic Apps and DevOps Functionality in Milestone v1.0 Arcus Scripting Release

We recently released the milestone v1.0 release in the Arcus Scripting library. Besides new functionality, this is a milestone in bringing reliable scripting functionality to projects.

22 March 2023

Rebranding Arcus for Maximum Adoption

Arcus has received many updates regarding the branding of each component's feature documentation. Just recently, we took the final step in the rebranding of Arcus; a whole new general Arcus landing zone.

1 March 2023

Provide Built-in W3C Correlation and Isolated Azure Functions in Arcus Templates v1.1

While the last release was a major one, this v1.1 update brings whole new features that take the Arcus project templates to a production-ready and future-proof level.

23 February 2023

W3C Service-to-Service Correlation in Newest Arcus Releases

One of the biggest changes in the recent Arcus releases is W3C correlation support on all of our components. Read on to see how this could help improve your application.

16 February 2023

Role-Based Authentication in Azure API Management Made Easy in Arcus Scripting v0.8

Managing roles during JWT validation was tedious and repetitive work. The newest Arcus Scripting release has changed things for the better.

2 February 2023

The Final W3C Correlation Puzzle Piece in Arcus Observability v2.7

What started as a wish for an easier and better telemetry correlation has finally come to an end. Read more to see what this final piece of the puzzle is all about.

26 January 2023

Fully Integrating with Microsoft Technology in Arcus Messaging v1.4

We have seen a whole new wave of changes in Arcus that only strengthens our relationship with Microsoft technology. The Arcus Messaging v1.4 release is no different.

12 January 2023

Synchronous Secret Retrieval in Arcus Security v1.9

In some cases, an asynchronous context is missing. This can cause a bit of friction. The newest Arcus Security release has fixed this, with minimal changes to your code base.

4 January 2023

Rethinking Event Publishing in Arcus EventGrid v3.3

The Arcus EventGrid v3.3 release brings event publishing to a whole new level. It simplifies and enhances the whole process into something very powerful. Keep reading to find out how.