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We provide a variety of components to simplify building applications running on Microsoft Azure. They allow you to focus on your application, not the plumbing.

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Arcus Azure ML

Streamline Azure ML development and let ML engineers focus on the actual job at hand, without losing time in tinkering with the AzureML SDK.

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Arcus Background Jobs

Strengthen your application with commonly repeated tasks ranging from automatic secret invalidation of Azure Key Vault secrets to publishing events on Azure EventGrid and more.

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Arcus Event Grid

Transient EventGrid event publishing and integration test fixtures for easy use.

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Arcus Messaging

Focus on implementing business logic when processing messages from queues or event subscriptions.

Arcus component

Arcus ML

Streamline ML development with Python and bring out-of-the-box implementations for common scenarios.

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Arcus Observability

Track Azure Application Insights dependencies, log custom metrics, and log multi-dimensional telemetry data via the common ILogger infrastructure.

Arcus component

Arcus Scripting

Arcus Scripting provides an answer to many frequently-used, repeated tasks in Azure.

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Arcus Security

Retrieve secrets safely via a dedicated secret store instead of placing sensitive information in your application's configuration.

Arcus component

Arcus Templates

Kickstart your project with .NET project templates which already include all the best practices and boilerplate code.

Arcus component

Arcus Web API

Simplify your API development with shared access key authentication, HTTP correlation, request tracking, strict JSON formatting, and other boilerplate code.

Can’t find the component you’re looking for?

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re open for contributions and that means in any form.

If you’ve got that diamant-in-the-rough idea, we’re happy to hear it, so don’t hesitate to open up a discussion and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.