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What is Arcus?

A set of Codit-developed OSS libraries/tools that simplify building apps running on Microsoft Azure. It is Codit’s strategy to centralize company-wide best practices and use it across all our customers:

  • Built by experts, for experts, sponsored by Codit! Maintained by a dedicated set of Codit experts that assures quality for our current and future clients.

  • Modular design. All Arcus components are highly functional and composable. They can be used separately, but are better together.

  • Open-source & free to use. The Arcus library is constantly updated by contributions from Codit employees and abroad! As the Arcus library is free to use and open-source we happily accept your contributions! It is free to use under the MIT license.

Why you should use Arcus?

There are many reasons to use Arcus in your current and future projects. We’ve listed just a few here:

  • Time-saving. Arcus contains tremendous amounts of boilerplate code that helps you save loads of time during project development. It helps with infrastructure like secure secret management, application-wide telemetry tracking, tedious DevOps operations and even has fully development-ready project templates to get you started immediately.

  • Centralized. The entire Arcus framework is maintained and tested the same way, with the same set of dedicated experts. There exists a single point of truth where everything is maintained and made ready for your benefit.

  • Best practices. Every Arcus component has the industry-wide best practices baked right into the code. It is secure by-default, tracks telemetry by itself, automates hard-to-setup DevOps tasks, and many more.